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short biography

1940 born in Magdeburg, professional training, military service
1960 - 1963 crane driver in Schwarze Pumpe
1963 - 1966 work at Cottbus theatre in the 'Malsaal'
1966 - 1970 studies at the college of pedagogy 'Pädagogische Hochschule Dresden', art pedagogy, german studies
1970 - 1980 director at the county museum Senftenberg, history-studies at the Humboldt-University Berlin
1980 - 1990 free work as painter and graphic artist
ab 1991 work at Senftenberg theatre, head of 'Malsaal'
seit 1975 member in asociation of fine arts in the german democratic republic(GDR), leader of the painters section and member of board, since the change member of BVBK and BBK germany
1990 honoured with the Carl Blechen art award
seit 1994 realization of various design projects with 'findlings'(stones from the ice age) in outside areas
seit 1995 head of chair for design at the college 'Fachhochschule Lausitz'
seit 2002 honorar professor "visual communication"
seit 2008 head of "Musikschulförderverein"
06.01.2010 Gerhart Lampa died after a long and heavy disease

single exhibitions since 1975 (selected)

in Berlin, Bergisch-Gladbach, Bernkastel-Kues, Calau, Cottbus, Crosetto/Italien (mit P. Bethke und G. Rechn), Elsterwerda, Eppelborn (mit E. Böttger und D. Claußnitzer), Finsterwalde, Guben, Hildesheim (mit E. Böttger und D. Claußnitzer), Hoyerswerda, Köln, Magdeburg, München (mit E. Böttger und D. Claußnitzer), Püttlingen, Schwarzheide, Senftenberg, Stralsund, Weimar