.:. erde wasser luft licht .:. idee vision entdeckung .:.

no, he is not painting opencast mines, but his pictures reach to the bottom of earth, to the heaps of deaf sand, where man moves between horizont and near millions of years. he is not the inventor of megalith blocks, which we call 'findling' here. people believe they were thrown houndreds of miles from their origin by giants into the far places of the lausitz to reflect our weakness. nevertheless he gives them aesthetical perspectives in landscape, which tell about human effort and strength in the same way as about the value of remembrance. gerhart lampa's work opens the view for the fundamental particals of art from which life itself is also feeded: earth, water, air, light. but the pictures of him living in senftenberg include those dimension which puts nature into a masterpiece of art: an idea, vision, thought, the discovery of something unpredictable, an escaping emotion, a wordless appearence. klaus trende

at January, 6. 2010 gerhard lampa died after a long disease. he will be in respectfiul memory of all people that kown him. His art makes him immortal.

the studio has been transformed as a public exhibition room, which is open for all friends and interested people.